Saturday, February 23, 2008

Introduction to Primetown

As the 2010 Worlc Cup cycle draws quickly upon us, I have come to the realization that I need to see as many games as possible. As I was finishing up high school during the 2002 edition and was interviewing for jobs during the 2006 edition, I was unable to either of the quadrenial events. This time around I plan to attend to as much of the qualifying process as possible and the games in South Africa.

I am addicted to this game as many of you are and am itching to see the qualification process begin.

To give a little background, my first ever US game I attended was the US Women's extra time semifinal victory over Norway in the 1996 Olympic Games in Athens, Georgia. After that I took a 9 year hiatus from US games.

In 2005, I joined Sam's Army for the semifinal and final round of the Gold Cup Finals at Giants Stadium. Since that point, I have become a member of Sam's Army as well as a member of New York's Empire Supporters Club.

This blog will be a running diary of musings and more importantly the travels of following the US and the New York Red Bulls.

In a month's time I will be embarking to Nashville for Olympic qualifying.

My goals for the Nashville trip:

1. Chant the US to qualification
2. Party with as many locals as possible
3. Experience honky tonk culture
4. Throw Jozy a scarf after he scores a brace on Mexico (pending they meet in the tournament).

In the meantime, I will reflect on some of the recent trips I have been on and explain the meaning of "Primetown."

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