Saturday, April 4, 2009

USA - Cuba: RFK Stadium, Washington DC

The first ever New Jersey Brigade sponsored bus trip took place in October 2008 as the crew from New Jersey and New York invaded the nation's capitol to support the United States in its World Cup Qualifying match against Cuba.

We took off from New Jersey around noon for the 730 match, a packed bus it was. Lots of beer and other fun beverages in tow. As with any bus trip, there is lots of chanting, movie watching, and drunken folks. The usual contenders were on top form.

We arrived at RFK Stadium around 3-4 PM. Our favorite Virginia native met us in the lot with an entire car filled with beer. Most excellent way to continue the day.

During the tailgate, we were greeted by a surprise guest. None other than Nashville host... Ben aka Maaaaaan 2.0. Ben (pictured in the red jersey below) drove all the way up from Tennessee for the match. Another dedicated US fan down for the cause of supporting his country to the fullest.

A Chef Leon sponsored tailgate followed and about an hour from game time we entered RFK. A solid atmosphere. Smoke bombs even made an appearance that night, much to the chagrin of the local security team.

The United States played a terrific game highlighted by a goal from Jozy "King of New York and Jersey" Altidore and the international debut of Jose Torres. NKB Leader and all around USA Fanatico, Kirwan, approves of this performance.

The United States 6-1 victory marked their sixth consecutive victory in World Cup Qualifying and clinched their spot into the final round of qualification.

Crowd was lively and properly cheered on the boys. After the game, Freddy Adu came around signing autographs for all in attendance.

A long day of partying, singing, and seeing the US dismantle Cuba, it was that time to take the bus back home. The boys were tired as evidenced below.


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