Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hugo in a World of Hurt

Hugo Sanchez's job will be on the line this Sunday.

The Mexican Under 23 National Team's chances of qualifying for the 2008 Olympics took a huge hit on Friday as they were upset by Guatemala 2-1 at the Home Depot Center.

It's the Tricolores first loss in Olympic qualifying since 1992; a stretch of over 20 games.

Hugo Sanchez's job was said to be on the line if he didn't qualify for the Olympics, wouldn't it be ironic if he couldn't even qualify Mexico to the semifinal round in Nashville.

Prior to this result, I wanted to avoid Mexico until the final of the U-23 tournament (after Olympic qualification is secured), but now I want to take out Mexico in the winner take all semifinal game on Thursday. Nothing would be sweeter than a late game Freddy Adu free kick strike being responsible for Hugo Sanchez receiving the pink slip.

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