Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Rocky Mountain High

Throughout the past few years, I have made some good friends through soccer. Most of them are based locally in New Jersey or New York, but some of them are live in other parts of the country such as Boston and Kansas City.
Recently, one of my buddies in the ESC switched jobs and moved out to Denver. He's spoken highly of the Mile High city and is itching for me to come out and visit. If I make the venture out west, I would have to make a pit stop at the Rapids new digs -Dick's Sporting Goods Park (plenty of jokes to be made here).

Unfortunately, the Red Bulls play Colorado on July 4th weekend. A perfect time to go to Colorado, but the stadium is already sold out. This is still a great opportunity to go, but who wants to scalp tickets to go to a MLS match?

I've never been out to Colorado before, so a western style Independence Day sounds like a good thing to me.

If I wait a couple more months, it will already be snowing there. And who wants to go on a mini vacation to a snow infested venue. Especially, if you do not ski or snowboard. Exactly.

The point I'm trying to make is that through the game of soccer one has the opportunity to make friends all around the globe. In my time writing for American Soccer Daily and Yanks Abroad, I've now got soccer buddies in Europe and some awesome places to crash if I ever feel so inclined. The same can be said for different places around MLS. It's just a really awesome way to travel if you can go on a short vacation, pick up a game, drink some beers, and talk footy.

If you make yourself available, talk to fans from different areas; relationships and great friends are there to be made.


Binks said...

You go the 4th, I'll go too.

Jason Endres said...

I'm thinking about it. With no New England road trip this year, I'm itching for another road trip.

Let's talk.