Saturday, March 22, 2008

Primetown in Nashville: On Those Off Days

After Thursday's important victory over Canada, mission #1 was accomplished and it was time to explore Nashville.

For those not from Tennessee, Nashville is the college town of the south. There are over half a dozen colleges spread around Nashville including two that were in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (Belmont and Vanderbilt).

During the weekend, we went to all sorts of bars around Nashville to watch games and just chill out.

Enough of my writing, here's some pictures from the weekend:

A view of the extremely touristy downtown Nashville where every place is a chain restaurant or bar.

Mmmm. Mexican food in Nashville and a chance to hum the Olympic Theme to those that won't be in Beijing.

At least I wasn't the only one beat from the night before.

Maaaaaaaan 2.0 ... aka Ben one of our local hosts in Nashville.

The other Ben and our other local host in Nashville.

Viva NashVegas. Viva, Viva, NashVegas!

Vanderbilt University from the view from Hillsboro Village.

Inside the Village Tavern: A local hangout from Vandy U students.

Inside the Stillwater bar. In what I would describe as the ultimate dive bar.

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michfan2123 said...

Nice, people must be upset that Vandy lost.