Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nashville Trip In Doubt

After the United States' disappointing 1-1 tie with Cuba on Tuesday night, a trip to Nashville is no certainty.

The Americans need to finish top two in their group of four to make it to to Nashville. Honduras is currently the group leader with three points after a victory in the final minutes over Panama. Cuba and the US are tied for second with Panama in last place.

The Americans face what has become the most vital game in the draw in a Thursday tilt with Panama. A win would nearly clinch the Americans into the second round. The US wants to finish top of their group in order to avoid Mexico in the all important winner take all spot in the Olympics in the semifinals.

To keep it brief, three thoughts on Tuesday's 1-1 match:

1. Peter Nowak's lineup did not work. A lot of speed, but not enough technical ability on the flanks.

2. Dax McCarty played a very effective game. The tools he brings to the table are not as appreciated as they should be by fans. He's not a flashy player, but he holds the ball well, has good instincts, and turns the field quite effectively.

3. Freddy Adu is a clear class above the rest of the midfielders in this pool. It won't be long before he starts for the US full national team on a regular basis.
In addition, check out my boy SF's post about Cuban players missing from the team hotel. As he said, no surprise.

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