Monday, March 10, 2008

Kosovo Wants to Play the US: Not a Good Idea

I read an article earlier today that the self proclaimed independent nation of Kosovo would like to play the United States in its first ever national team match.

While this is a great way for the US Men's National Team to get some publicity in the mainstream press, this could be a terrible situation. When Kosovo announced its independence, looters took to the streets and vandalized the US Embassy. Kosovo wants to play this match in their grounds. However, that would be a horrible idea. The area is just not a stable, safe environment where a US team should play.

If Kosovo wants to play the US at a neutral site... fine. But the political concerns in that area of the world are just not worth the possible risks to our players and for that matter the state of the game around the world.

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Binks said...

I have no problems with them going there. So long as they get flown there from Aviano day of game and they have a security detail onsite for them. lol.